Happy New Year, iTAN babes! The holidays may be over, but your relaxation does not have to be.

Make every day about self-care by visiting any of our 34 iTAN locations to take advantage of our anti-aging, restoring and slimming self-administered Spa services. Just when you thought that the new year couldn’t get better, you get Spa days at iTAN!

We have some great options like the steam-infused Hydration Station. This service increases circulation to assist with reducing the appearance of cellulite. Or, our Teeth Whitening service which uses professional grade whitening gels and LED lights for dramatically white results. If you made fitness or wellness goals as your resolution, I highly recommend one of our most popular spa services: the slimming FIT Bodywrap!

Here’s how it works:

Experience true relaxation! The FIT Bodywrap is an infrared sauna system that detoxifies your body, clears your skin, kills your pain, and helps radiate beauty from the inside out. The FIT Bodywrap is unique because it provides carbon fiber heating elements that follow the curves of your body to get that engulfing, 360 degrees of even heat.

But why does that matter, right?

There are an array of benefits that come from regularly using the FIT Bodywrap. But the biggest deal is its ability to detoxify your body. If you’re like me, when the holidays are over, you try to get yourself feeling better than ever. Starting off the new year with better habits will help you look and feel your best. 

So it just makes sense to start with a good detox. Of course, you should clean up your diet and get your body moving! But, in conjunction with these healthy life choices, you should relax without neglecting your goals! The FIT Bodywrap is perfect for that.

The FIT Bodywrap purges your body of toxins that build up in our bodies over time. Whether they’re pollutants or naturally occurring metabolic waste, toxins cause illness, pain, brain fog, and generally feeling “off.”

Sweat released through infrared immersion flushes out 15% more toxins than your everyday glisten. These toxins get flushed out through your pores via sweat and betters your digestion, skin, and mental health as a direct result.

More than just a detox…

Along with the detox, the FIT Bodywrap helps you get into shape. Regularly implementing infrared sauna sessions into your New Year’s health and wellness goals will help you lose the weight you want, tone up, and feel more confident. 

During a FIT Bodywrap session, your body’s core temperature rises up to (or above) 100.6°F, which triggers your body to sweat in hopes of cooling your body back down. This sweat isn’t the same as working out though, it’s 3-5 times more intense and really burns those calories. 

This detox can reset your body’s current metabolism because it speeds up the rate at which calories are burned. That speed can become the new normal. 

You can see results in as short a time as 3-4 sessions per week for at least 2-4 weeks– which is easy to achieve when you take advantage of our unlimited FIT Bodywrap Spa membership! For just $79.95 a month, you can have access to unlimited body wraps. 

But as always, beauty is more than skin deep. I know a lot of us are trying to change up our routines to better serve our mental health. And what better way to do that than committing to taking an afternoon just for yourself? Not only are you telling your body that you’re prioritizing its wellness, you’re de-stressing so that you can focus on your dreams and goals.

The FIT Bodywrap can help you balance your stress hormone levels which breaks the cycle of fight or flight and allows your body the relaxation time it needs to repair.

Heat treatments also increase levels of serotonin, the happy hormone, which tells your body that its safe enough to really enjoy your time.

Regularly using the FIT Bodywrap service helps you feel confident and stress-free by regulating your digestion, lifting your mood, strengthening your immune system, and encouraging you to get the rest you need. 

Now it’s time to come in and get your relaxation on! Call your local iTAN or visit a salon to speak to one of our trained Salon Consultants for further details.