Navigating life during the COVID-19 quarantine has been no easy feat, but here at iTAN we want to help you introduce a self-care routine into your quarantine life! Sign up for an iCLUB Membership today to help ease some of your everyday stresses. 

Blue Light Photo Facial

We know the feeling of wearing your mask all day, then coming home to reveal blemishes located where your mask hit! Available at our Poway and Encinitas locations,  iTAN’s Blue Light Photo Facial is here to help clear those breakouts and leave your skin even more flawless than it was pre-pandemic. The LED lights work to destroy bacteria, resulting in a clearer complexion! Our Blue Light Photo Facial also promotes circulation and nourishes your skin- you’ll be feeling like a whole new you!

Sun Pro Sunbeds

We’ve all been spending a lot more time inside, and it’s hard to get your perfect tan when you’re in quarantine! Let our sunbeds do the work for you! Our Sun Pro Custom Sunbed eliminates your chance of overexposure. They’re perfect if you’ve been cooped up inside and just want to enhance your natural glow! 

Our High-Performance Sunbeds offer a deeper color for those of you eager to get your summer glow back!  No matter which one you choose, you’ll be ready to rock a natural looking glow at your next Zoom meeting. 

VersaSpa Spray Tan 

Who needs sun exposure when you have spray tans? Without even stepping into the sun, our VersaSpa Spray Tan will give you the optimal glow while simultaneously rejuvenating your skin! The heated VersaSpa spray booth will provide a comfortable experience, anti-aging properties and leave an even and gorgeous tan! 

FIT Bodywrap

Hitting the gym may have been bumped down on your priority list, but that doesn’t mean your wellness has to be! Use our FIT Bodywrap in conjunction with an at-home workout (or by itself)! The infrared technology helps promote weight loss and detoxification! The FIT Bodywrap will prove to be a perfect addition to your current exercise routine by multiplying your amount of fat burned. Visit us for a FIT Bodywrap session after your workout to keep your heart rate up and aid with workout recovery! The high-quality infrared heat in this full body wrap is natural, safe and boosts metabolism and detoxifies your body. 

Aqua Jet Therapy 

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home and everything else going on, we know you could use a little R&R. Our Aqua Jet Therapy massage is here to help relieve you of built up tension! This heated water massage increases circulation to help you feel like your newest and most relaxed self.  

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