The month of love isn’t over yet, so we’re here to help you have your best self-love glow-up! Here’s a list of ways to love your gorgeous self even more than you already do! 


1. Start an Exercise Routine

No, we don’t mean you have to spend 3 hours at the gym every day, but starting an exercise routine that makes you feel good about yourself is a key piece of self love! Go biking, take a pilates class or simply walk your dog!


2. Practice Daily Affirmations

The more you hear something, the more you believe it. Identify what exactly you want to achieve, and practice affirmative statements to motivate yourself!


3. Take a Solo Trip

This is your ‘Eat Pray Love’ moment! Taking a solo trip to ‘find yourself’ is a great (and fun) part of your self love journey! You can take a staycation, or travel to another country, but wherever you go make sure you do it safely! 


4. Start a Journal

Part of self love is self reflection! Journaling to reflect on your day, thoughts and emotions is super helpful in getting to know yourself better!


5. Go On a Shopping Spree

Glowing up means feeling good about yourself! Treat yourself to a shopping spree and buy clothes that make you feel your best- it might just make all the difference.


6. Give Yourself a Makeover

Nails, lashes, spray tan… anything that will help you feel more confident! Loving yourself does work from the inside out, but feeling pretty definitely helps! 


Visit iTAN to try our Spray services! We’ll leave you with a golden and glowy look. 


7. Read

We prefer self-help books, but any book that gets your brain moving will get the job done! 


Let us know which of these tips you try, and don’t forget to tag us in your glow-up photos with #iTANfan!