No matter what you’re up to this holiday season it’s not all PSLs, pot roasts and campfires. People are collectively trying to make better choices for their bodies, self-esteem, and mental health. So why not kick off this chain of celebrations with a treat that’s holistic and actually good for you?

Hit up your local iTAN on any given Sunday for buy one get one spa services! That’s right, you can tone up & detoxify in our FIT Bodywrap and get a second FIT Bodywrap session FREE to amplify your results!  Or, relax in our Hydration Station infused with steam & skin nourishing concentrates and then get a second Hydration Station session FREE! 

Now, let’s talk in a little more detail about one of our best-selling anti-aging spa treatments: the Beauty Angel.

The Beauty Angel

A full-body skin treatment that stimulates collagen making it look taut and young while also using a Vibra Shape platform to stimulate muscle activity and increase circulation

This UV-free service uses special beauty lights that create the ultimate beauty enhancing and muscle toning environment. It works to help reduce cellulite and tone loose skin. The Beauty Angel also helps improve skin that has been damaged by subpar skin-care products, sun damage, or just plain old time. 

The Beauty Angel doesn’t stop at helping you look your best. It helps you feel amazing too. A great holistic service! If you’re feeling achy, need an energy boost or are looking for a pick-me-up after a workout, look no further. The Beauty Angel helps boost your metabolism and energy before workouts! It can even help with flexibility while calming down your tired muscles, reduce muscle soreness and relieve tightness in the joints when used after workouts.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? 

Well, it gets better, the Beauty Angel is the perfect companion to any tan. Its astringent powers make for a more beautiful, natural glow. So, talk to one of our trained Salon Consultants next time you’re in the salon to find out more information about pairing these two services together.  

But while you’re on a self-care streak, check out this awesome recipe for a Pumpkin Spiced Face Mask.

Pumpkin isn’t just your favorite pie flavor. It’s absolutely packed with skin-healing vitamins that moisturize your skin, shrink your pores, and evens out your skin tone. It even helps your dead skin pass and new, younger skin grow in its place.

The other ingredients are all skin helpers too! Honey is known for its moisturizing powers. The coffee and oatmeal are amazing exfoliants.

It’s a super simple holistic DIY and you’ve probably got the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Without further ado, here’s what you need to pull it off.


-1/4 cup pureed pumpkin 

-1 teaspoon honey

-½  tbsp coffee grounds

-½ tbsp oatmeal

Add these ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Apply to your face, grab a cup of hot apple cider and cuddle up with a book. Rinse off in 30 minutes.

There you have it. The perfect pair of self-care items for the coming holiday season!

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