As we enter a new year, iTAN wants to help get you ready for all the great things 2024 has in store! This starts by making sure you step into the new year with glowing skin and newfound confidence! Keep reading to learn about our must-try iTAN services to help you look and feel your best on NYE!

Teeth Whitening

First, we recommend coming in to try our Teeth Whitening service! Our teeth whitening service combines professional grade whitening gels with powerful LED light for noticeably whiter teeth through gentle application. We recommend three sessions for optimal results. The first session   helps open up the teeth enamel, the second session begins the whitening process and the third session provides full whitening power. Whitening trays can be purchased one at a time, or save up to $30 by purchasing all three at once! What better way to feel your best self than with a dazzling smile!

Anti-Aging Photo Facial

We know how expensive facials can get, but at iTAN there’s no need to break the bank to see amazing results! Our Photo Facial service utilizes an LED system that emits red infrared light to stimulate collagen and elastin production while helping promote circulation. We recommend coming in for three to five photo facial sessions before seeing optimal results. This service can help firm and tighten your skin before any event you have planned for New Year’s!

VersaSpa Pro

Getting a glow for New Year’s is not a want, but a need! We recommend our VersaSpa Pro spray booth, which features a voice guided, heated application with height sensor technology and solutions formulated with high-end anti-aging ingredients. Choose from a variety of bronzers and color options for a customized glow. If you plan to wear a dress or skirt on NYE, ask about our option for double legs! This spray booth is sure to provide a healthy bronzed glow from head to toe!

Teeth Whitening, Anti-Aging Photo Facials, and VersaSpa Pro Sprays are some of our favorite services to get you ready for any NYE event! Whether you’re going out to a fabulous NYE party or staying in with loved ones, these services will make you feel rejuvenated, confident and ready to welcome the new year!