Ring in the new year with an iCLUB membership at iTAN! Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of dropping by any iTAN location for quick, affordable treatments including spray tans, facials, sun sessions, body wraps and so much more! As we dive deep into the different iCLUB memberships, we will cover prices, services and our amazing January 2023 iCLUB promotion.

Sun Unlimited iCLUB Membership

If you love using sunbeds to achieve a bronzy glow, then our Sun Unlimited iCLUB Membership is a great option! You get access to every bed at every iTAN which allows you to switch between sun plus and sun pro beds to get a better bronze and never plateau! Our Sun Unlimited membership is only $79.95 a month for unlimited tanning (with a one-time $29 join fee). With the Sun Unlimited iCLUB Membership, you can utilize the following tanning beds  :

  • Sun Pro Custom Sunbed: Delivers optimal color development while virtually eliminating overexposure
  • Sun Pro High Pressure Sunbed: Powerful 360-degree high pressure bulbs that provide deep and long-lasting color
  • Sun Pro Stand Up Bed: Provides a powerful output in a short amount of time while targeting pressure points for  even color development 
  • Sun Pro Luxury Sunbed: Intelligent performance technology which takes lamp placement into consideration, and adjusts output accordingly
  • Sun Plus Bronzing Sunbed: Facial and shoulder tanners with a reliable UV performance
  • Sun Lite Sun Bed: Standard UV performance that builds color over time

Spray Unlimited iCLUB Membership

If you don’t necessarily enjoy using sunbeds, there are excellent alternatives to help you look bronzed. Our Spray Unlimited iCLUB Membership has two amazing spray booths to choose from,  the Mystic Kyss and VersaSpa Pro. With Spray Unlimited you have access to unlimited spray tanning for only $59.95 a month (with a one-time $29 join fee). Here are more details on the different spray booths:

  • Mystic Kyss: A voice guided, pre heated magnetan spray system offering three custom color options and formulated with only premium grade ingredients. It provides a unique and customized sunless look while ensuring your whole entire body is glazed.
  • VersaSpa Pro: A voice guided, heated application with height sensor technology and solutions with anti-aging ingredients. It was developed to help rejuvenate, firm and hydrate your skin cells all while providing a healthy bronzed glow.

Spa Unlimited iCLUB Membership:

What if we told you that you could get a quick facial or body wrap treatment at iTAN following your spray tan or sunbed session? We offer the Spa Unlimited iCLUB Membership, which is a fan favorite! We understand how expensive it can be to keep up with routine beauty services, which is why iTAN has everything you need at an affordable price point. Our Spa membership is only $89.95 a month (with a one-time $29 join fee) for unlimited spa services whenever you please! Listed below are all the services our Spa Unlimited iCLUB membership includes:

  • FIT BodyWrap: An infrared body wrap system delivered in a private setting. This service promotes weight management, detoxification, skin rejuvenation and pain relief. The more sessions you do, the better results you get!
  • Clearing Photo Facial: A LED system that emits blue light to eliminate acne causing bacteria. It can help clear moderate acne and smooths skin imperfections. 
  • Anti-Aging Photo Facial: A LED system that emits red, amber infrared light. It can help minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and help reduce inflammation.

Interested in more than one category? The beauty of iTAN is that you can also sign up for a two-category membership for $99.95 a month, or have it all with our Sun Spray Spa membership for only $109.95 a month (with a $0 join fee). With all iCLUB memberships, you get your money’s worth within two sessions and can enjoy perks, including: 

  • 20% off all regular sized products
  • 20% off all single session upgrades
  • 30% off your first product purchase
  • Access to any salon
  • Ability to freeze for $5 a month
  • Guaranteed rate protection

Because we want you to start off the new year feeling your best self, enjoy a waived join fee for any new iCLUB join, plus free membership upgrades throughout the month of January! Treat yourself this new year with the gift of iTAN! Find your nearest location by clicking here.