Trends come and go, but one thing is for certain: true beauty is timeless! At iTAN, we believe in living a healthy, bronzed life at every age.

We chatted with some of our top #iTANfans: Susan Meeks, Alex Floyd, and Jen Reyes, who share their refreshing take on how to best utilize our services to complement their glowing lifestyle. Here’s what they shared with us:

1. How long have you been coming to iTAN? 

Alex: I have been going to iTAN for over three years. I’ve always had a membership so I can go as much or as little as I want. There are so many in San Diego that it makes it easy to go to one on any part of town I’m in!

Alex Floyd, 29 | Favorite iTAN location: iTAN Hillcrest

Jen: I’ve been coming to iTAN for six years! I typically go to the Mission Gorge location, and I love it because the staff is super friendly. 

Susan: I’ve been coming to iTAN for nearly one year.  My best friend, Jen, told me we were going to iTAN one day.  I said to her, “But I’m already tan.”  She replied, “We’re going for a spa day, duh!” I had no idea about all the lovely Spa services iTAN has to offer. She gave me a week pass, and I joined immediately; well, after my free week of course!

2. What is the first iTAN service you’ve ever tried? 

Jen: The first iTAN service I’ve ever tried was the FIT Bodywrap. It was awesome! I already saw results after just one session. That’s why I decided to come back.

Susan Meeks, 61 | Favorite iTAN location: iTAN Ynez

Susan: The first service I tried was the Photo Facial. I swear my skin felt so soft right afterward! Twenty minutes of relaxing while healing lights do all sorts of lovely things to my face was awesome.

Alex: My first iTAN service I ever tried was a Mystic spray tan. I was hooked ever since. I get one once a week to start my work week fresh and bronzed!

3. How does coming to iTAN help meet your beauty and wellness goals? Do you have a weekly routine?

Alex: iTAN helps my beauty and wellness goals by giving me confidence. I get a spray tan every week. There’s just something about a fresh spray tan that makes me feel confident, like I just got back from vacation and ready to tackle a busy work week.

Susan: I love to utilize all the Spa services as much as I can. The Beauty Angel with the vibrating platform and beneficial lights makes my skin look and feel fresh. I try to do both a Photo Facial and Beauty Angel everytime I come in, which is usually three to five times per week; sometimes more.

Jen: I go to iTAN about three times a week. Using the FIT Bodywrap and the Aqua Jet Therapy help to relieve my stress. I sleep better afterward, too! I usually have difficulty sleeping at night, but not after an iTAN visit!

Jen Reyes, 54 | Favorite iTAN location: iTAN Mission Gorge

4. What is your favorite thing about being an iCLUB member?

Susan: What I love about being an iCLUB member is that I can choose any Sun, Spray or Spa service on any day. I thought I would just use the Spa services, but now I love the sun beds and spray tanning services. Especially on those cloudy days, it makes me feel happy to get some “sun” in. 

Susan Meeks, 61 | Favorite iTAN location: iTAN Ynez

Jen: I love that I can go anytime I want, and I don’t have to set up an appointment sometimes. I can just walk in and they will take me right away. Also, the customer service is really good! 

Alex: My favorite thing about being an iCLUB member is the ability to go as often as I want on any day that I want. I’m not limited to any services when I go. Plus, it’s always nice when they welcome me, “Hi Alex!”

5. If you could recommend one iTAN service or product, what would it be?

Jen: I would definitely recommend the FIT Bodywrap! I have seen great results, so I always recommend it to my friends and family. When I don’t feel like working out, I just do a FIT Bodywrap session and it really helps maintain my figure. 

Alex: I always recommend spray tans to my friends and followers. It’s always even, the perfect color and there’s a shade for everyone. I always get a Dark spray tan because it makes me feel like I just got back from a week in Hawaii!

Susan: I have to say the Hydration Station is my ultimate favorite.  So relaxing as the steamy oil infused sauna surrounds me, making my skin ultra soft. That feeling stays with me the rest of the day!