Summer’s almost over, folks. And with all the pumpkin spice lattes comes the first day back to school for all of you students out there. But we at iTAN have a special treat for ya!

Whether or not you’re excited or dreading the start of the school year, walk through those doors looking and feeling your best and own your back to school look!

Here’s the deal: From August 19- September 8 all students get one free Spray tan session and 1 free Photo Facial session. That’s right, it’s totally FREE.

There are two types of Auto Spray services available at iTAN the Mystic and the Versa. The Mystic gives you that sun-kissed golden color available in a variety of three different shades – light, medium & dark. The Versa is our other Spray booth option which leaves you with an even, bronzed glow each time. 

The Photo Facial Session lasts 20-minute and consists of high-tech LED and infrared lights, boosting blood flow while helping tone the skin, bring down inflammation, and shrink your pores; all while improving the quality of the skin and smoothing skin imperfections

All you’ve got to do is bring in your driver’s license or student ID! However, if you’re under 16, a parent must be present as well as provide consent.

If you have any questions about our Back to School Event call your local iTAN and they can get you the answers you need.

But once you get your skin feeling and looking great– how can you maintain that glow? High school and college are hard enough without having pesky stress breakouts, hormonal acne or (on the other end of the spectrum) itchy, red dry skin. 

What’s important for you guys, at this delicate age, is consistency

So here are 2 things you can add to your nightly routine that will help your skin stay clear and boost your confidence.

1. Wash your face.

Since you just did a spray tan, you don’t want to use an exfoliant that will scrub the colour out. You’ll want to use something you can simply spritz on– like a toner. There are loads of different ones available at makeup stores, but you can always opt to make your own.

Spray Tan Friendly Facial Cleanser

-1 cup water

-½ cup jojoba oil

-1 vitamin e oil capsule

-10 drops of lemon essential oil

-10 drops of lavender essential oil

Combine all of these ingredients into a spray bottle. Shake shake shake.

2. Hydrate!

That sounds really simple, but it’s absolutely important to, not only your skin, but your health in general. Keep your water bottle. Bring a glass of water to bed. Drink a cup of water upon waking. Trust me it’ll make all the difference.

But specific to your nightly routine: add a cup of relaxing tea. 

Chamomile, lavender, and peppermint are all good choices. These herbs specifically fight stress and relax your body so that you enter into deep sleep where your body can grow, retain information, and detox!

It’s just that simple, guys. Relax, stay hydrated, wash your face. Repeat.

And if that colour gave you the extra ego boost you need to walk the halls with pride, be sure to come back every Monday for $15 Spray tans at iTAN!