What’s awesome about iTAN is that you can come for a single afternoon and leave looking your absolute best. Plus, have some fun DIY afterward and make an all-natural moisturizer your skin will love!

Start by taking advantage of the Hydration Station to relax, girl. You work so hard. It’s time you had a self-care session.

The Hydration Station

The Hydration Station uses a combination of infused steam and infrared technology to promote hydration and provide amazing skin care benefits such as reducing cellulite. This service also enhances the results of your Sun or Spray session, so we always recommend following it with one of our Sun-Pro High Performance Bronzing Beds or a Spray tan session. Our Sun-Pro beds and Spray sessions give you that perfect looking summer glow that is unique to the contours of your body.

Find your closest iTAN using our store locator  and get the relaxation and beautiful color you deserve today! 

But after you do, make sure you have the tools in your arsenal to keep yourself feeling as good as you look.

My favorite thing of all time is going to treat myself to a spa day, leaving feeling my best and going home knowing that I have some all-natural self-care products in my bathroom to keep my mood up and my smile big.

This moisturizer recipe is amazing to help you maintain that gorgeous iTAN color until your next visit and keep your skin looking radiantly sun-kissed.

To be honest, I get a little, for lack of a better word, itchy when cosmetics say, “all natural.” Like what does that really mean? Does that mean you have a base of natural products that are masked with harsh chemicals? Or is this product really holistically good for me?

The only way to really know that your face isn’t full of toxins unless you are well versed with chemistry terms, is to make your own facial products. 

I think all of our mothers encouraged us to wash and moisturize our face before bed to ensure that our skin stays bright and young. But what if I told you that you can have professionally silky facial creams with everyday kitchen items!

Here’s the recipe!!

DIY Herbal Night Cream Moisturizer


½ cup liquid oils (avocado and macadamia nut are the best)

½ cup solid oils (shea butter and coconut oil)

¼ cup beeswax

1 cup of rose water

½ cup of skin healing herbs (calendula, comfrey, lavender, rosemary)

1 container

1 double boiler (or two pots that fit together)


#1 mix your oils together

-melt down your solid oils together

-add your liquid oils


#2 infuse your herbs

-add your herbs to your mixture

-warm over low heat for at least 30 minutes

-strain the herbs from the liquid

-allow to cool (overnight or in the freezer for an hour)

#3 mix it all together

-add your rose water to the blender

-add your oil to the blender 1 tbsp at a time

#4 keep on mixing

-allow your oils and water to combine until the blender is cranking to it’s fullest extent

#5 check the consistency

-if it’s too hard, add more rose water

-if it’s too watery, add more coconut oil

This wonderful DIY cream is safe to keep for up to a month if you keep it out of sunlight and heat. You can keep it for longer if you keep it in the refrigerator!

This remedy is an inexpensive and healthy way to keep your skin super hydrated after having an amazing iTAN experience. Check out a full list of our services to see what would serve you best!