The beginning of 2021 brings opportunities for all of us to achieve that “new year, new me” glow we’ve all been searching for! We spoke to iTAN consultants Delaney, Amy and Rachelle about their bronzing routines and how they’re getting 2021 ready!

What’s one service you’ll definitely continue to use in 2021?

Delaney: One service I will definitely continue to use in 2021 is our LightStim Anti-Aging Photo Facial because it is AMAZING! It is extremely relaxing and works wonders to reduce my fine lines. I have large pores which is natural, but it works to reduce their appearance. The Photo Facial helps my skin look great without makeup and even more flawless with makeup!

Amy: The Sun Pro stand ups for sure! I love being able to step in for a couple minutes and step out nice and bronze! It’s such a convenient bed, especially for people always on the go! 

Rachelle: The Mystic Kyss! I normally prefer the sunbeds, but I have come to appreciate how quick and convenient spray tans are. I love that I can customize my Mystic Tan with different bronzers and scents; that’s something you can’t get from a bed! My favorite myx is a medium or light spray with the Island Kyssed bronzer and warm vanilla scents, and I can’t forget the Booster Lotion! 

Which product do you think will be your go-to this year?

Delaney: My go-to product this year is going to be Designer Skin Awestruck (packet available at iTAN for $23)! It has already given me great color and helped my skin feel more toned. Because it’s a new 2021 product, it will be so essential to all dark tans!

Amy: The Designer Skin Tingle Drops (available at iTAN for $19.99)! I LOVE tingles and I love the color tingle lotions give me. With the Designer Skin Tingle Drops, you’re able to transform your favorite lotion into a tingle whenever you feel like it. How cool is that!?

Rachelle: My go-to this year will probably be the FIT Booster Spray (available at iTAN for $39.99) to accelerate my results in the FIT Body Wrap. It also works to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite which is amazing! I like that this product has multiple uses and can be used in the salon, at home or at the gym. This product will easily become a part of my regular routine. 

Which service are you starting the year with?

Delaney: I want to start the year with alternating between our SunPro Sun Angel Bed and our FIT Bodywrap! The Sun Angel will kick off a new year with a great new tan. Everyone feels better tan and deserves it after this long year! I also need some detoxifying to get rid of 2020, so using the Bodywrap will help with that while relaxing and burning some extra holiday calories. 

Amy: I’m kicking the year off with Sun services! I like to start every year off with a trip somewhere, but due to COVID-19 that wasn’t an option this year. Instead, I’ve been using the Sun services, and I pretend I’m tanning on a tropical island! A girl can dream right?! 

Rachelle: The Sun-Pro High Pressure Sunbed. This bed is one of my favorites and is great for developing a deeper tan. After one session in this bed my tan lasts longer, especially when I use my tan extending lotion. I also really like the facial tanners in this bed and the open-air design. 

Do you think 2021 will be the year of Sun, Spray or Spa? Why?

Delaney: I think 2021 will be the year of all three! This past year has had so many hardships and tough times that everyone deserves to start a new year right by treating themselves to whatever fits their needs! Sun and Spray will help clients feel more confident during the cold months, while Spa will help them relax and have time to themselves! 

Amy: I think 2021 will be the year of Spray. Our spray clients love that they can achieve such an amazing tan in as little as 4 hours! It’s fast, affordable and you have so many options to customize your spray tan! 

Rachelle: I think this year will be the year for Spa. After 2020 I think everyone could use a little Spa time in our FIT Bodywrap or Photo Facial. When I have time, I like to use more than one service to give myself a little ‘spa day.’ iTAN’s Spa services will get you relaxed and rejuvenated for a great year!

What are your top 3 products for the ultimate 2021 tan? Why?

Delaney: My top 3 products for the Ultimate Tan in 2021 are going to be Designer Skin’s Awestruck, Axis Aftercare, and Tekton Face Bronzer! Awestruck is one of the darkest lotions we have with charcoal and silicone for anti-aging. Axis Aftercare will keep your tan dark at home while increasing your skin’s natural color. Also, it’s clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Lastly, I love a naturally tan face, which is why Tekton Face is the best and has great skincare with bronzers for the best results!

Amy: 1. Lotion! During the tanning process, moisture is depleted from the skin, so it’s super important to replace that moisture by applying a tanning lotion before your session :-)

2. The Evolv Mousse. The color is gorgeous and is such a life saver for when you can’t make it in the salon for a tan!

3. An after-tan moisturizer! Keeping your skin moisturized after your tanning session is so important in order to maintain your bronze glow!

Rachelle: The Tekton line! This line gives you everything you need from a tanning lotion; either the intensifier or the natural bronzer, a face lotion and an aftercare lotion to maintain and extend your tan. This line is super moisturizing, provides great color and smells amazing! I think everyone should have at least one Tekton product as a part of their routine!

Explain your tanning routine!

Delaney: My tanning routine is the best in my opinion! I typically tan about four to five times a week and I mix it up between the beds. My favorites are the Sun Angel and the High Pressure Bronzing bed. I always start with my Tekton Face on my face, neck, chest, hands and feet. Then apply Awestruck everywhere else; it gets me the perfect dark bronze! About once or twice a week, I will use Designer Skin Bombshell on my arms and legs to help with the areas that are harder for me to get color! And of course, I make sure to always apply my Axis Aftercare after every shower and in the morning to keep my skin and tan hydrated! Lastly, I exfoliate twice a week, especially before my weekly Mystic!

Amy: I like to switch between lotions so my tan doesn’t plateau, so whichever lotion is up next in the rotation, I’ll put on. I then put my UV goggles on and tan until my session ends. I like to moisturize my skin with the White Peach and Hibiscus Body Moisturizer by Hemp Nation after I get out of the bed. I usually wait a couple hours before showering and after showering, I make sure to moisturize my body again :-) 

Rachelle: If my tan starts to fade, I like to start with a session in the Sun Plus Bronzing bed. Next, I use the Sun Pro High-Pressure Sunbed to develop a deeper color. For maintenance, I really like using the Luxury Sunbed because of the skin sensing technology! I like using different beds so my tan doesn’t plateau. Occasionally, I do a Mystic spray tan when I want quick color! 

Which Spa service will help you be your best self this New Year? 

Delaney: The Spa services that will help me be my best self in the New Year are the FIT Bodywrap and the Lightstim Photo Facial! The Bodywrap will help kick start this new year and increase my fitness results! And the Lightstim will help my skin come back to life in the New Year, especially after the Holidays!

Amy: Definitely the LightStim Photo Facial. I’ve been so much more into skincare since mask acne has been a recent issue for me. The LED red light promotes collagen production and that can reduce the damage caused by acne and aging. 

Rachelle: The FIT Bodywrap because it helps relieve stress and aids in detoxification. This service is super relaxing at the end of the day! It’s my replacement for working out since the gyms are closed. Because my New Year’s resolution is to have a healthier lifestyle, this service will fit perfectly into my new routine!