Love is in the air, self-love that is! Whether you’ve got a hot date planned, celebrating  Galentine’s Day, or the 14th is just another day for you, hit up your local iTAN to treat yourself to a little TLC. We’ve got some great deals going on so that treating yourself doesn’t break the bank!

For starters, all of our spray tans have changed in price since the start of the new year. That’s right, 2020 has brought us spray tan sessions at the low price of $20 per sesh! It is only $20 for a session for either of our spray tan options: Mystic Kyss or VersaSpa Pro. Below, we’ll update you on all the latest and greatest surrounding our Mystic Kyss booth. 

Mystic Kyss

Our Mystic Kyss booths are a heated spray tanning experience that is highly personalized. It gives you the same natural-looking glow that a tropical vacation would give you! But, just because it’s customizable, doesn’t mean it’s difficult.


To get started, just check in with the team member working and they will advise what color option would be perfect for your skin. 

You have three levels for the Mystic Tan solution to choose from:

1. Luminous Light

This makes you 1–3 shades darker than your natural skin tone

2. Magical Medium

This makes you 2–4 shades darker than your natural skin tone

3. Dazzling Dark

This makes you 3–5 shades darker than your natural skin tone

But don’t you worry, all three give you deep, natural color. The tanning solution produces a tan that is even, long-lasting, and (most importantly) a natural-looking shade!

Next, you choose between our Myxers to customize your tan to your natural undertones, that special upcoming occasion (don’t want your outfit to clash, now do we?) or lighting (for photoshoots).

The Myxer options include:

1. Mocha-Kyssed for warm, bronze undertones

2. Island-Kyssed for cool brown undertones

3. Sun-Kyssed for browns with red undertones

4. Honey-Kyssed for golden undertones

Accelerators and Scents

You also have the option to add accelerators and scents. Accelerators help hydrate and balance your skin’s pH to speed up the tanning process.  

Scents are a nice addition to every tan. You can choose between our lovely fragrances: Warm Vanilla, Coconut Lime, Fresh, and Sport. Once all those selections are made, 2 nozzles spray you with multiple passes to get you the overall coverage and color of the perfect bronze. After the spraying process is finished, you dry up with heat so that your tan will set and stay in a speedy manner.

And, if you want to go the extra mile to get your smile as refreshed as your skin, you can use our Renewal Teeth Whitening service. It combines LED technology and whitening gels for easy, gentle application. 

No matter what your plans are for this Valentine’s day, remember that we at iTAN are always here to help in your self-love journey, egging you on to put yourself first.